The Ancasters
The Ancasters - Ancaster stone - 65cm x 15cm x 12cm - Unique

Etiolated beings, we

Pinheads on the earthly ark.

This life is short, the moments few

To make the smallest mark.


Be mindful then, of where we live,

On this all life depends.

Consider how to make the marks

That matter in the end.

Reconnecton 2

Reconnection 2 - Bronze resin - 72cm x 60cm x 40cm - edition of 10That moment when we meet the rest of creation.

From thunder to the small things.

A time to pause,


What we truly are.

Lose our breath to beauty,

Surrender to something more -

Dance with the butterfly.




    Slow Dance
Slow Dance - Cornish polyphant - 65cm x 20cm x 20cm - Unique  Hesitant at first - unsure -
  Want to give, to take, to share.
  Move together gently,
  Respectful touch.
  We curve, slowly melt;
  Dance into each other.
  Now the music is us.
  Our bodies sing.
  We float around the floor,
  Not wanting the slow dance to end
    Human Race
Human Race - 80cms x 30cms, Cornish polyphant - UniqueOvertake or undertake.
Claw and climb until we ache.
Tread them down into the muck.
Onward in the maul and ruck.
Overpopulated stock -
Many souls.  One small rock.
Fear devours freedom’s space,
Handicaps the Human Race.
Is this progress?  Is this real?
Crowd consensus, what’s the deal?
Are we lemmings with no choice?
Now's the time to raise your voice. 
Barney - Alabaster - 38cm x 24cm x 12cm - Unique  The beat of wings is felt, not heard,
  The barn owl’s on patrol -
  A wraith that haunts the tussock fields
  To stalk the timid vole.
  Do you remember stopping then
  To listen for a screech,
  To feel a primal moment that
  Removes the power of speech?
  But less and less this spirit’s seen
  For food is hard to find.
  The barn owl’s struggling to survive
  In sterile fields and minds.
  Unless we measure more than cost
  We’ll make our children poor:
  The beating wings of ghostly owls
  Will fade and be no more.
Pigasus - bronze resin - 42cms x 42cms x 24cms - limited edition of 20
What man has always sought
Is access to the gods –
The endless quest for wisdom
From the realm of Mount Olympus.
Oh, how old Zeus would laugh!  
For all along,
The only truth we need
Dwells here among ourselves,
If only we’d be still enough
To listen.
ThomasProud peacemaker,
You know the wild flowers as your sisters,
The great trees as your brothers;
You know the wind carries
The breath of your ancestors.
You know where you belong
In the great mystery.
Forgive us our daily arrogance,
Teach us your wisdom,
Show us the old path
Beneath the concrete,
That we might not self-destruct.
                Portland Belle
Portland BelleShe was always there,
Deep in the cold, dark ground,
Waiting for someone to dress her.
150 million years waiting,
Until the chink of chisel woke her.
And now, here she is:
Cool beauty, resting.
Touch her.
She loves warm hands.
Shell likeListen to the song of the stone.
It sings a million secrets:
A record of lives spent
Over ages;
The history of the earth
In small verses;
Dissolving slowly,
Feeding the future.
Listen to the song of the stone. 
                     The Crone
The CroneYou feel the weight of all the years.
This hard old life
Has asked so much of you.
Just now, you bow before great forces.
But, take heart, 
For soon the load will lift
And your amazing story will be told. 
                         Together Again
Together againApart we functioned (just) -
Bored cogs inside a bored machine.
Meeting once again, we coalesce;
The touch of you,
The touch of me,
We’re drawn into the warm
Pool of attraction.
A thrill expands,
It can’t remain confined inside a word.
So a giggle breaks the surface. 
This is where I find myself:
Drowning in your arms,
I am, again, alive.
                      Protest Song 
Protest Song - Portland stone 60cms x 24cms x 20 cmsHe stands for what he feels is right,
Speaks up to help the suffering fight,
Shouts out, ‘the King is naked, see!’
When all are silent only he
Will sing the protest song out loud,
His glorious spirit won’t be bowed.
Without him we are doomed to crawl,
He is the conscience of us all. 
Sea-maidI’ve seen you from afar.
You rest on rocks,
Faceless yet beguiling.
Invitation comes unspoken,
Confident seductress
Sing me closer.  
I reach toward your sea-wet skin,
Enchanted by the spell of you,
Inhale the salty smell of you.
We ebb and flow,
The swell of two,
I drown without a care.
                         Good Morning! 
Good Morning! - Cornish polyphant 67cm x 15cm x 15cmWhatever filled the night hours -
Dreams, lovers, worries -
That first stretch feels so good:
Arms in a primal arch,
Sinews insist
Muscles must move,
Lungs inflate, heart pumps;
Drawing in energy,
Renewing hope,
Reviving consciousness;
Life again is ready
To ride the diurnal cycle.
Repression - Indian red stone 32cms x 13cms x 16cmsCover up, denigrate,
Push down, dominate,
Hurt and humiliate,
Physically intimidate,
Browbeat, frustrate,
Abuse and asphyxiate,
Tyrannise, subjugate,
Silence, strangulate,
What is man afraid of?
                         Life goes on
Life goes on - marble resin - 3 of 15 - 29cm x 20cm x 15cmLife recreates - hot, red and wet
Fights for light and air
Fingers clutch, hanging on
Novice parents watch in awe
Growing, glowing, going
In a strange direction
Not the way they planned it
Nothing they can do
The child is gone
We all recycle
Bodies fade to dusty death
Yet somehow life goes on

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